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Private Coaching With Amanda Frey



Are you ready to overcome the hurt from your heartbreak, leave disappointment behind, and step into a life of fullness?


Another year has gone by and you find yourself in a relationship that you know, deep down inside, isn’t going the way you hoped or envisioned. Each relationship that comes into your life ends up leaving you disappointed. You are still searching to fill the emptiness. You feel like there is something missing. You struggle to find relationships that leave you feeling fulfilled and whole.


You are frustrated because no matter how many self help books you’ve read or what you change about yourself you are still stuck in the same cycle of relational heartbreak. You’re frustrated because you can’t figure out what is wrong with you and you fear that you may end up all alone. 


You want to be in a relationship that leaves you feeling complete. You want to feel loved, wanted, and cared for. You want to feel like you’re enough. You want to feel fulfilled.

I use to be just like you. I longed for all these things. I thought that if I was in a relationship all the voids in my heart would be filled and I would feel complete. But, I found that what I really needed was healing from all my past relational heartbreak. I needed transformational healing.


You need a system that will help guide you so that all your relationships and entire life can be transformed. You need a mentor + coach who can walk you through the step by step system of receiving real, transformative, healing.


It’s time to stop just “moving on” and hoping that the hurt will eventually disappear. The reality is, time doesn’t just heal all. What you really need is transformational healing that will not only transform all of your relationships but also your entire life! 


CLICK BELOW to fill out the Pre-Assessment. After reviewing your Assessment, we will send you some information and if this seems like the right place for you, we will send a link so you can set up a Discovery Call with Amanda!

Are You Ready?



"Wow. All I can say is, WOW. I honestly didn't think I could ever feel this free, light, and humbled after going through my breakup. But working with Amanda and participating in The Restore Program has changed my life. I am fairly new to my faith, but I knew building a relationship with God was the best way to begin the healing process and I don't think I could have done it without the guidance and supoort from Amanda!"


"What an amazing experience working with Amanda! She has this unique ability to draw your inner emotions out while asking tough deep questions which broke chains and brought me freedom and healing. The Holy Spirit was with us in each and every session. Amanda truly gave me the tools to "Let Go and Let God" in ALL areas of my life. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Amanda in The Restore Program and find true healing!


"I use to feel anxious and worry about the unknowns of the future, or the pressures from the people around me to be "perfect". But after completing The Restore Program, I have gained a new sense of understanding that I am already loved and I am already chosen. When I start to feel myself spiraling over things I can't control, Amanda has taught me how to "Let Go and Let God." If you're considering this, give it a shot! I promise, it's worth it!"

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