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3 Steps to Finding H.I.M.

The One Day Course to help you go from frustrated to fulfilled Relationships

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What if you stopped chasing Godly men and focused on becoming the woman God created you to be?

Reduce relationship anxiety and insecurity to step into God-given healing and wholeness so you can feel fulfilled in your relationships and yourself.

This Program Is For You If:

- You are tired of feeling empty and alone. 

- You want to feel confident and secure. 

- You are longing to have healthy and fulfilling relationships. 

- You have tried everything to turn unhealthy relationships into healthy ones but have failed. 

- You don't understand why you can be in a relationship, but still feel lost, empty, and insecure. 

- You have tried finding the right one by scrolling through dating apps, scanning the gym, and even church hoping, but still have had no success.

- You are ready to deepen your relationship with God. 

- You are grieving a heartbreak or painful break up or divorce.

- You are done with chasing and ready to be who God created you to be in relationships and beyond.

You Will Learn:

- How to internally heal with my signature 3-Part Heart Healing Method.

- Actionable steps to help you clearly move through your emotions and expectations. 

- The tools you may need for self-awareness in dating and beyond.

- How to dream and set relationship goals for clarity in dating, prayer and life.

- How to love the season you are in - healing, single, dating and beyond.

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You Will Receive:

- 7 teaching videos 

- 8 guided audio exercises 

- 7 worksheets

- 1 H.I.M. Handbook to record your progress and breakthroughs

How Much Is It?

Value - $250.00

Normal Price - $99.00

Your Price - $27.00

Meet Your Coach, Amanda!

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I get it, because I use to be in the same situation. Scrolling and scanning. In and out of relationships. Hoping to finally feel secure, confident, fulfilled, and loved. But nothing seemed to change, whether I was in a relationship or not, I was still missing something. Then I found freedom - and I want that for you, too!

That's why I created this 3 step course to finding H.I.M. This course helps women find freedom and fullness and equips them with the tools to start building healthy, Godly relationships, through 3 Key Steps. It's time to stop scrolling and scanning and start soaring.

Transform Your Life from the Inside Out!

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