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Private Coaching

The Restore Program

For women who are ready to overcome hurt from heartbreak, receive transformational healing, and step into a life of fullness!

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Does this sound like you?

  • You feel like there is something missing in your life.
  • You long to feel loved, chosen, and complete.
  • You've tried everything to fill all the voids in your life, but keep falling short.
  • You feel like there is something wrong with you and you'll never be enough.
  • You're frustrated because you fear that you will never find complete freedom and fullness.

You wish you had a roadmap or a step by step system you could follow so you can overcome your hurt from heartbreak and step into a life of fullness.

Maybe You've Tried...

Burying the hurt deep inside hoping it would eventually disappear.

Reading countless self-help books hoping to finally feel fulfilled and full.

Changing so many things about yourself, even your personality hoping to finally feel chosen, secure, and confident.

Filling the voids with staying busy, being successful, and finding popularity with others.

You Worry That...

You will always be stuck in the cycle of hurt and heartbreak
You will never be good enough to feel fully loved, wanted, and chosen.
You will always be left disappointed and feeling insecure.
You will never find complete freedom from your hurt and heartbreak.

You Want....

  • To be in a relationship that leaves you feeling complete. 
  • To feel loved, wanted, and cared for. 
  • To feel like you're enough.
  • To feel fulfilled and full.​
  • To be confident in yourself.
  • To walk in complete freedom and wholeness.

Here's The Problem

Many people think that if they are in a relationship all the voids in their heart will be filled and they will walk in fullness, feeling secure, confident, and fulfilled.

But this isn't true. Through my journey, I found that what I really needed was healing from ALL my past hurt and heartbreak. I needed tools that I could apply to my daily life, so I could overcome my hurt. I needed internal healing that would transform me from the inside-out.

Which is why I created THE RESTORE Program



Overcome your hurt from heartbreak so you can walk in wholeness and step into a life of fullness. 
90 Day Private Coaching Program

New Beginnings Await YOU!

There is no other way to step into a complete life transformation than to first start with healing from ALL of your hurt and heartbreak. 

If the only thing standing in your way is a Roadmap and System that will walk you through each step of the healing process, than look no further than my most popular program in order to step into new beginnings and life transformation.

This life changing private coaching program will give you the step by step process and tools in order to receive transformational healing, step into new beginnings, start building healthy relationships, and start working towards living a life of fullness. 

What You'll Get

The Right Relationship Roadmap
You'll get access to Amanda's Signature System, The Right Relationship Roadmap, a 4 step system designed to help you overcome hurt from heartbreak so you can step into new beginnings, build healthy relationships, and begin to live a life of fullness.
Hurt to Healed Workbook
Without ACTION there is no traction. The Hurt to Healed workbook will be your companion along this journey to new beginnings. It was designed to help move you forward into the spaces and places you desire.
Private Coaching
As soon as you enroll, you will be able to schedule your Get to Know You 1:1 Assessment Session. For the following 90 days you will have a total of 12 private online coaching and mentoring sessions with Amanda. 
Pre Program Assignments 
These assignments were designed to help you start shifting your mindset into the right space so you get the most out of the Restore Program and you're ready to step into the abundant overflow that's ahead.
Transformational Healing Academy
The Transformational Healing Academy is a course created to help you understand essential concepts that will change your life. No more trying to guess how to transform your life, this course will teach you exactly what you need to know.
Plus BONUS Courses
In addition to everything in The Restore Program and the 1:1 private coaching you’ll get with Amanda, you will also have access to multiple bonus courses that will help you to shift your mindset and step into Complete Life Transformation!

What You'll Learn


This program is simple to understand and the steps are very easy to follow. You don’t have to struggle alone trying to figure out how to overcome your hurt from heartbreak. It’s time for YOU to take full control of your life transformation. This program shows you how!

This step by step program is designed to help you:

✓ Understand the concepts needed for transformational healing as well as what it means to start walking in wholeness and step into living a life of fullness.

✓ Discover true, no-fluff life habits and tools you need to start putting into practice and identify actionable steps you can take today to get unstuck, receive transformational healing and step into the life you were created for.

✓ Experience breakthrough so you can break free from hurt and heartbreak and find inner motivation to overcome scarcity mindsets that are keeping you stuck in hurtful cycles. 

 ✓ Determine the right next steps based on your life dreams and goals. 


If you are ready to take the final step in saying YES to YOUR Life Transformation, click the button below to schedule your FREE Discovery Call with Amanda

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