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You're Worthy of Healing + Wholeness + Abundance

Breath Of Life Speaking & Coaching
Helping Heal Human Hearts

Hey there!

I'm Amanda.

I'm a woman passionate about people, healing, life transformation, words, bright colors, and helping you live a life of abundance! I gather you ended up here via social media, seeing me speak, heard about me from a client, or maybe you read one of my articles. However you stumbled upon this site, know that I don’t believe it was on accident, everything happens for a reason. I'm here to help you overcome the cycle of heartbreak, receive transformational healing, and walk in wholeness. Here's to New Beginnings! I’m thrilled to connect with you. I designed this site with you in mind.


For women who are ready to overcome hurt from heartbreak, receive transformational healing, and step into a life of fullness!
This Program will take you through the 4 Step, Right Relationship Roadmap. In it you will learn how to walk away from doubt, distraction, discouragement, and disappointment in your life. This program will help you transform your self confidence, your relationships, and your walk with God. You will encounter transformational healing, so you can step into New Beginnings and say goodbye to hurt from heartbreak.

3 Steps to Finding H.I.M.

A Course Designed to Help You Completely Transform All Areas of Your Life

2021-10-04 (2).png

What if you stopped chasing Godly men and focused on becoming the woman God created you to be?

Reduce relationship anxiety and insecurity to step into God-given healing and wholeness so you can feel fulfilled in your relationships and yourself.

"To live life is one thing, but to LIVE LIFE FULLY ALIVE is something completely different." -Amanda Frey

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"Amanda has a heart for people. You can tell in how she listens to, talks to, and treats those around her. Her ability to not only listen to others well, but to also discern what she hears is a gift. She has a way of digging deeper into root causes of trauma, hurt, and heartache so that together you can work through it and truly heal from the inside out. Amanda has been a true light for me in my life. She has brought me a sense of hope and clarity in my relationship with my boyfriend. She asks me intentional questions, listens to me process and work through my emotions, and then she guides me to discover the answer for myself on what should be my next steps. Amanda has the joy of a child, but the wisdom of an elder who wants what's best for those around her. She's been a gift to work with and I know she'll be a gift to you too!"



—  Danielle Alexander, Founder of Redemptive Fitness

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I'll take you on a journey of sharing what I've learned about overcoming heartbreak and how to step into a life of freedom & fullness, so you can do the same!

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